License to Sell Alcoholic Beverages
Public Convenience or Necessity Letter (PCN)

Applicants applying for a State license to sell alcoholic beverages within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) may also be required to apply for a Public Convenience or Necessity Letter (PCN).

A PCN letter will be required if the location is within an area (census tract) designated by ABC to be over-concentrated with establishments selling liquor or located in an area determined to be a high crime concern by the Sheriff.
If your business is located within such a census tract, ABC is required by state law to deny your application unless you can persuade the local governing authority (i.e. Sacramento Board of Supervisors) that the public would benefit from the presence of an additional alcohol sales outlet.
Sacramento County’s process for issuing this PCN letter per Sacramento County Code 4.60, involves public hearings before the local community advisory group (CPAC) and the Board of Supervisors, with notice and opportunity given to interested persons to be heard.
If you need more information or an application about Sacramento County’s Public Convenience and Nuisance letter process, please contact:
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