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​Here at the County, we know the vital importance of having an innovative, highly functional website as our County residents rely on this “digital face” for information and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Often this is the primary interface a resident has with the County and their services and we strive to present information and services in the most cleanly and intuitive way possible on our website.

The Center for Digital Government announced that Sacramento County’s website took fourth place honors in its 2013 Best of the Web Awards. For 18 years they have been recognizing cities, counties and states for their outstanding portal websites. With this award, they have commended our ability to adapt to changing technology and for creating first-class public and business services via our portal website.

“Being in the top 5 is quite an achievement when competing with counties throughout the United States. But it also, gives us a chance to grow as we will continue to strive for first place in the Best of the Web. And not just for the award, but to know our constituents are getting what they need from our website. In the coming years we intend to explore sharing our data sets on the website – often called Big Data – which will further our transparency,” said Sacramento County CIO Rami Zakaria.

In addition to the Best of the Web honors, the county also was recognized for the 2013 Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA), which looks at projects at the application and infrastructure level. In the Government-to-Business category, Sacramento County was also a winner for its Aviation Shared Use Operating Environment, at the Sacramento County Airport System.

Past Center for Digital Government Honors:

  • Best of the Web: 2012 Finalist; 2006 4th; 2005 Finalist
  • Digital Government Achievement Awards: 2012  Driving Digital Government, Local Government category, Honorable Mention for Sacramento County Mobile Food Inspection Application
  • Digital Counties Survey Winner: 2013 6th; 2012 8th; 2010 7th; 2009 2nd; 2008 6th; 2007 7th; 2006 7th; and 2004 6th

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