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May 6 Starts a 24-Hour Local Giving Challenge
​Your donations help the underprivileged, the arts, the environment and more

​It’s one thing to donate money to a great cause, but it is another to donate to causes where you can see the change take place in your own community.  On May 6, GiveLocalNow and community partners will begin a 24-hour giving challenge to benefit 400 local nonprofits.  During the 24-hour challenge starting at midnight, any donation made to GiveLocalNow  will be matched from funds other people have donated, making your gift dollars stretch!  

The goal of the event is to inspire and unite our community by supporting local nonprofits that make a difference for residents.  The Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Yolo Community Foundation and Placer Community Foundation—in addition to many other community partners—are working together to change their community.

“This is an easy way to give back to your community and help support the many organizations that make our County unique and a great place to live,” said Susan Peters, Supervisor for District 3.  “Several of these organizations have a direct link to County Services.”

The Center for Strategic Economic Research found that 91 percent of households surveyed in the Sacramento area believed it was important to give locally.  Nevertheless, only about 63 percent of donations made in the area went to local organizations.  This giving challenge will provide the local community with an opportunity to learn more about—and participate in—local giving.  


Writer: Kaitlin Bane, Communication and Media Intern  

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