Marconi Avenue and El Camino Avenue Improvements

Marconi and El Camino Road Improvements
Road, Pedestrian and Bicycling Facility Upgrades​

Throughout Sacramento, residents now more than ever desire safer opportunities to walk and bicycle within their neighborhoods. For those in the Marconi Avenue (Walnut to Fair Oaks) and El Camino Avenue (Avalon to Mission) corridors, the Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT) recently completed projects that significantly improve pedestrian and bicycling mobility. Project upgrades include:

  • Improved pedestrian safety throughout the project areas by constructing continuous sidewalks with streetlights where gaps existed.
  • Improved access and mobility for pedestrians and cyclists with new bicycle lanes, sidewalks and curb ramps.
  • The Marconi Avenue project also included a new pedestrian signal adjacent to the Carmichael Library installed during the first phase of the project.
  • Enhanced road drainage through the removal of unsightly ditches, and the installation of new drainage facilities.

 “Something as simple as repairing and installing new sidewalks can make a big difference to a community. Marconi Avenue and El Camino Avenue residents will benefit from these recent improvements by having much safer walking and cycling pathways,” said Mike Penrose, Director of SACDOT.  With these upgrades, Sacramento County also hopes to increase neighborhood mobility, making it easier for residents to walk or cycle to nearby shopping centers, recreational facilities, schools, and better access to transit.

Project construction began in mid-April 2013, was completed in late October.  The cost of the two projects combined was an estimated $3.7 million, funded by federal grants and matched by local Measure A sales tax revenues. Marconi Avenue and El Camino Avenue are only two of a number of streets that will see sidewalk and bikeway improvements in the near future. Sacramento County plans on spending just over $10.8 million on pedestrian projects and disabled access improvements within the next five years.

Upcoming Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement Projects:

  • Anna Kirchgater Elementary School $925K
  • Arcade Creek Pedestrian and Bike Feasibility Study $320K
  • Bikeway Master Plan Implementation (various locations) $800K
  • Countywide Bicycle Lane Gap Closure and Signal Modification $1.2 million
  • Fair Oaks Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements, Day Drive to Arden Way $758K
  • Howe Avenue Elementary School, Safe Routes to School $3.3 million
  • Mary A. Deterding Elementary School, Safe Routes to School $681K
  • Orange Grove Avenue Pedestrian and Bike Improvements $1.8 million

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