Building Centers Offer Comprehensive Services

Building Assistance Centers
​New Building Assistance Centers are Hit with Customers

​With two new Building Assistance Centers opened this year, customers are raving about the comprehensive building, planning and related services now available in one location. Gone are the days when customers had to visit multiple buildings and service areas to get the information they needed; now most everything is available in the centers either in person or via video conferencing.

“We’ve equipped these centers with the latest in technology to provide fast and efficient service,” said Bradley J. Hudson, County Executive. “As the economy rebounds, we want to support homeowners as they reinvest in their properties and commercial customers in developing new projects that provide an economic boost to the region.”

"The new centers are much more convenient for the general public. It's easier now that you don't have to visit multiple departments," said Greg Hatfield, Hatfield Development Consulting HDC.

The Downtown Building Assistance Center, located at 827 7th Street, Sacramento, is a full service center offering:

  • Building Permits and Inspections 
  • Engineering and Survey (SIPS)
  • Planning and Environmental
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Metro Fire 

The Goethe Road Building Assistance Center offers Building Permits and Inspection, Planning, Code Enforcement, and Engineering and Survey (SIPS) two-days a week.  Other departments can be reached via video conferencing. 

Both Centers offer free Wi-Fi, charging areas, TVs and coffee/water while you wait. Plus customers may use conference rooms equipped for video conferencing.

“I really appreciate the new set up! It’s so convenient and helpful to have almost all the different County departments represented in one room,” said Butch Hage, Construction Manager and Facilities Director at Bradshaw Christian School.

The Community Development Director, Lori Moss, noted that Building Permits and Inspection Services are offered two days a week (Monday/Tuesday) at the County Service Center - East located at 5229 Hazel Avenue, Suite B, Fair Oaks.  In an effort to provide more services, the County is pleased to open the County Service Center - North, located at 3331 Peacekeeper Way, McClellan. The Center will provide Building Permits and Inspection Services two days a week (Wednesday/Thursday) and the grand opening is planned for October 29, 10 a.m.

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On October 21, 2013, the State of California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) recognized Sacramento County’s two new Building Assistance Centers as its first County Streamlining Superstar. This designation recognizes organizations that help ease burden on businesses.


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