Assessor Receives Public Information Award

Assessor website design team
​Assessor's web design team: from left to right, Jon Santos, Shawn Echols, Janet Lewis, Kathleen Kelleher, Fereshteh Dadaei, Sue Toppenberg

Sacramento County Assessor Kathleen Kelleher announced that the Assessor’s redesigned website won the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Public Information Program Award for 2013.  The Award is given to assessment jurisdictions that have designed and implemented an effective system for dissemination to taxpayers of information about the assessment process.

The Assessor’s redesigned website provides comprehensive property tax assessment information in a user-friendly format. 

Significant features of the new Assessor’s website include:

  • Icon links to most significant and frequently accessed information,
  • Resources grouped for property owners, business owners, and real estate professionals,
  • Easy access to property tax forms,
  • Assessed Value Lookup feature,
  • Online filing of assessment reviews, and
  • External links to City, County, and State offices related to property tax administration.

Visit the site at

Two years in study, design, and implementation, the new customer-oriented website launched March 2013. It was accomplished in-house with support from the County's Department of Technology.  Focus groups from customers and customer service staff guided the design and presentation of property tax assessment information, forms, and resources. “I am so pleased that their contributions were found to be worthy of recognition from our peers,” said Kathleen Kelleher, Assessor.

Award recipients were honored at the IAAO Annual Awards Breakfast on August 27, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Founded in 1934, the IAAO is a non-profit educational and research organization representing more than 7,300 members worldwide.   

“I am so pleased that the design team's contributions were found to be worthy of recognition from our peers,” said Kathleen Kelleher, Assessor
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