Sheriff Town Hall Reviews Department Improvements

Sacramento County Sheriff Vehicle
​First to use new technology to target high value criminals

​Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones held a Town Hall Meeting on November 20 to lay out the many challenges and successes of his department to approximately 100 attendees at the La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael.  Jones explained that the fiscal challenges presented in recent years have forced his department to be more efficient, competent, and engaged with local communities.

“Our goal is not to restore the Sheriff’s Department to what it was prior to the recession; we want to reshape and reform it. Our goal is to be something better,” said Sheriff Scott Jones.

Despite losing a quarter of their staff in 2009, the Sheriff was pleased to report that projections indicate they are now on a steady growth pattern. The department recently hired more than 100 part time and full time Deputy Sheriffs, and plans to hire another 200 in the next two years.

The Department has also begun using new computer software from Palantir Technologies Inc., to help target high value criminals. Typically used by the military and federal government, Sacramento County is the first and only law enforcement agency to use such technology on a street level.

“The recession forced us to think outside of the box. With fewer numbers, we had to learn to take advantage of technologies such as this in new and innovative ways. And, it’s not only interfering with local crime, it is allowing us to make an attempt to dismantle it all together,” Jones added.

The Sheriff also addressed questions and concerns from attendees about a variety of issues including crime, roads and the department, itself. He plans to hold similar meetings throughout the County in the near future.

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