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Sacramento County Broadband Mapping
​Help map broadband service and improve access in Sacramento County

​Reaching out to the public, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is making efforts to maximize broadband availability in our area and throughout the state by gathering your feedback with an interactive map, mobile app and paper survey. The information you provide is extremely important and will be used in the decision-making process for securing state and federal broadband infrastructure grants and loans. These new feedback tools allow Californians to easily provide data about individual broadband access and performance.

Broadband, the two-way data transmission to and from the Internet, is essential to our way of life in the 21st century, and yet, work still needs to be done to the broadband infrastructure to ensure that everyone has access. And, that’s where you come in. You can directly influence where dollars are spent to bolster the broadband infrastructure here in Sacramento County.

Two feedback methods are electronic, and require broadband service to use. The third is a paper based survey, which can be sent via U.S. Mail.

Online Broadband Map Feedback: Visit,, and click on the Interactive Map link. Once on the map tool, click the house-shaped address lookup tool to enter your address. A list of local broadband providers will appear,  with service type and speed offered. At the top of the list of providers there will be a “Send Feedback” link to complete a four question survey. The information is used to validate the broadband providers’ service availability information.

CalSPEED Mobile App: For those who have a LTE-capable Android smartphone or tablet, the CalSPEED mobile testing app can be downloaded from the Google Play app store to test the actual quality of the service available at your location. Tests must be done while stationary and can also be done in areas without available service can be documented as well through the app. The results will be shown on the California Broadband Map displays the results and validated the broadband providers’ service.  The creation of a CalSPEED app for iOS is underway. Use the test frequently, in a variety of locations.

Paper Feedback Form: For those without Internet access, a CPUC paper survey can be completed, signed and mailed from a physical address to be displayed on the map.

Given the importance of broadband, it’s vital that the speeds and availability of broadband increase with the demand. Your feedback and the data you submit can make that happen.

Learn more about broadband availability efforts.

Writer: Brenda Bongiorno, Communication and Media Staff 

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