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County Waste and Recycling Bulky Pickup
​Waste Management Provides Help When You Want It

​You pull your car into the garage and cautiously squeeze between your car door and the growing piles of old furniture, clothes, and things you envision repairing one day.  Or perhaps the yard furniture has seen better days and it is time to throw out the old and bring in the new.  Whatever your “stuff” situation is, Sacramento County is here to help you with your spring cleaning. 

Many residents have bulky items like old chairs, left over lumber or broken household appliances with nowhere to take them and/or no means to transport them.  The Department of Waste Management and Recycling has a program where they come to their customer’s home at no charge.  The ‘Bulky Item Pick Up’ is by appointment only, but is easy to do.  Customers can call (916) 875-5555 or go online to the Waste Management and Recycling website, and set up an appointment date.  Customers can use this service at no cost once every calendar year.

Items that can be picked up:

  • Appliances
  • E-Waste (including TVs and computer monitors)
  • Universal Waste (household batteries, fluorescent light bulbs less than 4' and cell phones)
  • Furniture/Mattresses
  • Lawn, tree and shrub trimmings
    • Please use your green waste container as much as possible for leaves, grass, weeds and clippings from pruning
    • Tree/shrub trimmings - not to exceed four inches in diameter and five feet in length
    • Lawn clippings and leaves should be placed in plastic bags
  • Lumber - not to exceed four inches in diameter and five feet in length
  • Tires - no rims; maximum of 5

The no charge pick up includes an 8’ x 4’ x 4’pile; larger piles can be arranged for an extra charge depending on the size.

The County offers this free service to help our customers keep their neighborhoods and homes clean.  Sometimes, people without access to trucks or trailers will resort to illegally dumping their unwanted items along the roadsides or in rural areas of the County, which causes blight and costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars every year to address.  If you need an additional pickup after using your no cost one, please call the appointment line and for a nominal fee that starts at $25 another appointment can be arranged.

Writer: Kaitlin Bane, Communication and Media Intern

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