State of Sacramento County Draws a Crowd

More than 300 People Attend the State of the County Event
​More than 300 People Attend Annual Event

​A lively presentation about the importance of Sacramento’s suburbs drew a crowd of 320 people to this year’s State of the County. The luncheon, titled “Suburbs: Popular and Politically Incorrect,” was hosted by Sacramento County and the Sacramento Metro Chamber on November 15. 

Supervisor Susan Peters, Chair of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, gave a speech about the County’s latest innovations and programs, plus her perspective on Sacramento’s suburbs.

“Sacramento County has embraced information technology, sustainability, and efficiency,” said Supervisor Peters during the opening of her speech, noting how the County is investing in the future to enhance the quality of life for its residents.  Later in her remarks she said that “the suburbs are not abandoned outposts, but rather vibrant centers for homes and businesses with much to offer.”

Supervisor Peters shared news about the County’s recent innovations, such as the 311 website and app, two new Building Assistance Centers, and the transition to clean vehicles for light duty service. She also noted that if unincorporated Sacramento County were a city, it would be the fifth largest in California.

The event featured a networking session with County Supervisors Roberta MacGlashan, Don Nottoli, Susan Peters, Phil Serna and Jimmie Yee, Sheriff Scott Jones, Assessor Kelleher and a representative from District Attorney Jan Scully’s office. Joel Kotkin, author and Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, gave the keynote address about the future of suburban communities. During his presentation, Kotkin emphasized that one of Sacramento County’s key economic advantages is its diverse and affordable housing.

Sacramento County appreciates the efforts of its event partner, the Sacramento Metro Chamber.  For more information on the Chamber’s programs, visit

Supervisor Peters noted that if unincorporated Sacramento County were a city, it would be the fifth largest in California.
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