Voter Registration App Wins Challenge Award

SacVote Application
​SACVOTE App improves access to voting and election information

​Sacramento County’s mobile application SACVOTE won the California State Association of Counties Challenge award.  These awards are given each year to counties that develop programs demonstrating creativity and leadership.

 “This app is a great resource for our voters” said Jill LaVine, Registrar of Voters for Sacramento County.  “With the growth of smart phone use, the SACVOTE app gives voters more access to the election information they need.  A fundamental goal of any election administrator is improving access to voting information and, in Sacramento County, we strive to exceed this goal by bringing the latest in technology services to our voters.”

This SACVOTE application, or app, is a tool that improves access to voting and election information for Sacramento County voters.  Sacramento County developed SACVOTE to take advantage of smart phone technology.   Using their smart phone or tablet, voters can view turn-by-turn directions to their polling place, find nearby ballot drop off locations and view their sample ballot booklet.  Voters can also check their registration status using SACVOTE.

The app also gives voters information on their local representatives and important election dates.  Election specific information for any election will be available approximately 30 days prior to the election. 

The Association will present Sacramento County’s award during the Board of Supervisor meeting on October 8th at 9:30 a.m.  

Note: The CSAC Challenge award was awarded to 18 counties this year.  Each year counties submit entries for programs and leadership they feel demonstrate innovation.  CSAC uses a panel of judges to determine awards.  This year, 220 applications for awards were received.  

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