Wine Makes a Great Holiday Gift - Buy Local!

Scribner Bend Winery
​Local wineries help boost local economy

​During the winter months keeping up with the holidays, cold weather, and everyday life can be a balancing act. So when you’re trying to find that perfect gift, keep it simple, and keep it local: consider Sacramento Valley wine.

Wineries are scattered throughout the region, with more than ten retail outlets in downtown Sacramento alone. Buying local also means buying high quality. Greater Sacramento area wine producers were featured on San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Wines of 2013, and were awarded a bronze medal for their “vibrant and aromatic” Grenache wine. Local wine is not only a great gift during winter months, but a way to help support our local economy.

The concept of buying locally grown food and supporting local independent businesses is stronger than ever this holiday season. Experts suggest that buying locally not only strengthens a neighborhood’s sense of community, but significantly contributes to the local business environment. On average, independent retailers return nearly half of their revenue to the local economy. In Sacramento County, according to the 2013 crop and livestock report, wine grapes are the single most lucrative commodity in our region, generating $149.5 million in sales last year. Agriculture production in Sacramento County is the highest it’s ever been, and with recent trends we can only hope to see the pattern continue.

Sacramento County Wineries:

Scribner Bend
9051 River Road

Frasinetti Winery & Restaurant
7395 Frasinetti Road

Six Hands Winery
13783 Isleton Road

To learn more about Sacramento Valley wine, or to find a winery outlet near you, visit

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