​Apr​il Updates


​COVID-19 Update, April 29

SacCounty Health Officer Extends COVID-19 Order​

The Sacramento County Public Health Officer​ issued a new Public Health Order effective at 11:59 p.m., May 1, and will be in effect until 11:59 p.m., May 22, 2020, or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded or amended by the Health Officer. The Public Health Order reinforces the direction for all individuals to stay home and extends the terms of the order to continue social distancing and reducing person-to-person contact to further slow transmission of COVID-19. For questions about the Public Health Order, call the County's COVID-19 Hotline: 916-875-2400, and to report a violation, call 3-1-1.​

COVID-19 Update, April 28

COVID19, Closed Schools and Child Abuse Prevention 

​Child abuse prevention is more important than ever because of the disruptions COVID-19 has caused to daily life. Calls to Child Abuse Hotlines are down since schools discontinued classes in March when the Stay at Home Healt​h Order was issued. Children not being able to interact with their teachers and daycare staff who regularly assess them for general wellness. If you see or hear something that causes you concern and you suspect child abuse, report it as quickly as possible, by calling the Sacramento County Hotline at 916-875-5437 (875-KIDS). If there is immediate danger, call 9-1-1. For more information, read the Sacramento COV​ID-19 Child Abuse Prevention news story​.

COVID-19 Update, ​April 7​​

​Homeless Response Plan Adopted by County Board of Supervisors
​The County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento City Council and the Sacramento City/County Continuum of Care are considering actions and funding recommended in the Sacramento COVID-19 Homelessness Response Plan (Homelessness Response Plan).  Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved the plan today, the City Council will vote tonight.

For more information about the Sacramento COVID-19 Homeless Plan, read today's news story.

Sacramento County Public Health Officer Extends COVID-19 Order
The Sacramento County Public Health Officer has issued a new Public Health Order effective at 11:59 p.m., April 7, and will be in effect until 11:59 p.m., May 1, 2020.

The Public Health Order reinforces the direction for all individuals to stay home and extends the terms of the order to increase social distancing and reducing person-to-person contact to further slow transmission of COVID-19.

The new Public Health Order has further clarifications and limitations than the previous Order. Those include:
  • Requiring essential businesses to implement social distancing protocols
  • Restricting access to recreation facilities
  • Clarifying essential activities and essential travel
  • Clarifying and limiting essential business activities
  • Directing all businesses and government agencies to cease non-essential operations at physical locations in the County
  • Prohibiting all non-essential gatherings of any number of individuals
  • Continuing to exempt individuals experiencing homelessness from the order but urging them to find shelter and government agencies to provide it

For more information about the Public Health Order, read today's news story, the Public Health Order, and Public H​ealth Order FA​Qs​​.

COVID-19 Update April​ 6​​​​

COVID-19 Update, ​April 1​Mobile Testing Site Open to Public
A Community-Based Testing Site (CBTS) for COVID-19 was set up in Sacramento County in the latter part of March. The site was spearheaded by the California Department of Public Health, Verily, the California Office of Emergency Services and the Governor’s Office in coordination with Sacramento County Public Health. 

Originally, the testing was targeted to people referred through a health care provider. Public Health is now encouraging anyone with mild to moderate symptoms to visit www.projectbaseline.com to be screened for testing. 

Those who meet testing eligibility will be scheduled for a drive-through appointment for free COVID-19 testing and will be sent details by email or phone on how and where to get tested. 

The COVID-19 testing location is unable to take walk-ins and testing is by appointment only – those not registered will not be tested. Medical care is not provided on site. 

Public Health Hotline Available
Sacramento County Public Health has a COVID-19 hotline available at  ​916-875-2400 for Sacramento County residents.

Callers to the hotline will receive the following information and transfer options:

  • ​Referrals for frequently asked questions
    • Chinese language referral to 211
    • Russian language referral to 211
    • Media referral to COVIDMedia@saccounty.net
    • Referral to EMD/311 to report bar or restaurant violations of the public health order
    • Referral to CA Department of Labor for employees/employers
    • Sacramento County COVID-19 website: Covid19.saccounty.net 
  • ​Eight transfer options: 
    • Spanish-language line
    • Main SCPH CD number
    • Negative Testing Results
    • Specimen (testing) Collection Appointments
    • General COVID-19 questions
    • Guidance on whether a business is essential or non-essential
    • School Districts, Day Care Center
    • Community Based Organizations and Faith-Based Organizations

COVID-19 Update, ​April 1​

There are more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Sacramento County – the cases now total 314 and of those there is additional confirmed deaths, bringing that count to 9. 

While the case increase was expected, what was not is Sacramento County Public Health’s discovery that approximately one-third of the confirmed cases are linked to gatherings related to churches. Sacramento County is urging – and, not just because the Public Health Order calls for it – all residents, from all faiths and all backgrounds to stay home – lives in our communities depend on it. 

New data also suggests that people may be able to spread the COVID-19 virus 2-3 days before developing symptoms. The possibility of pre-symptomatic transmission makes it important for everyone – even if you feel healthy – to stay home as much as possible, wash your hands often and to stay at least six feet away from others.

“Social distancing works. We must keep our distance from others and not gather with any non-household members. Period. If we do not slow the spread of cases, a surge of sick people could have the potential to overwhelm our hospitals, doctors and equipment resources and could result in additional deaths,” said, Dr. Peter Beilenson, Director of the Department of Health Services.

With people staying home to stagger virus exposure and our hospital systems implementing their surge plans, such as cancelling elective surgeries, these will allow our hospital systems to work optimally to save the most lives.  

While essential businesses remain open, residents should also minimize trips to these businesses, such as going grocery shopping just once a week rather than every day. Sacramento County commends all who have complied with the Public Health Order. However, for the smaller group of individuals, businesses and faith groups that are not following the COVID-19 Public Health Order, the County is working to educate them about the importance of protecting themselves all in our community from COVID-19. 

Beginning today, case numbers on the Sacramento County COVID-19 website will be updated Monday through Friday. With these increasing cases, Sacramento County will share additional data about confirmed cases that is broken down by cities and unincorporated Sacramento County. Right now, the County has COVID-19 cases in all but one city; yet, it is almost certain that the virus is circulating in all our communities. 

Staying home is a strain on everyone, but until there are treatments, enough protective gear for our health care workers and hospital beds, staying home is our best tool to slow the spread of the virus and save lives.

The Public Health Order continues to be in effect to slow the spread of the virus. Please take all reasonable means to stay home, and only venture out to public spaces when it is absolutely necessary – and when you must – maintain social distancing at all times. The Public Health Order is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian​

​Message of the Day: Approximately one-third of the confirmed cases in Sacramento County are linked to gatherings related to churches. Sacramento County is urging all residents, from all faiths and all backgrounds to stay home. Please see #5 of the Sacramento County Public Health Order​. ​​