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Public Health Order for Sacramento County Schools​

Health Order for Sacramento County Schools

December 9, 2020 Health P​ublic Order ​

Today, the State of California announced that the Greater Sacramento region has met the ICU availability criteria of 15 percent or less to trigger the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order​. Sacramento County Public Health has issued an updated Dec. 9, 2020 Sacramento County Health Order that aligns with the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order. The Health Orders will take effect Thursday, Dec. 10, at 11:59 p.m. Once triggered, these orders will remain in effect for at least three weeks. After that period, they will be lifted when a region’s projected ICU capacity meets or exceeds 15 percent. The Health Order restricts all operations of certain sectors such as hair salons, bars and personal care services. While other sectors are only permitted to operate outdoors, such as gyms, and places of worship.  Some essential operations are allowed to operate but may have reduced capacity, such as retail at 20 percent and grocery at 30 percent. Finally, restaurants are only allowed to provide take-out and delivery - no dining indoors or outdoors. The Health Order includes the State's curfew for counties in the Purple Tier 1 and the updated face coverings guidance, as well as the reopening of the County's​ waiver application for Elementary​​​​​​​ schools to apply for in-person learning while Sacramento County remains in the Tier 1 Purple.​

November 21, 2020 Public Health Order

Sacramento County’s Public Health Order has been amended, effective 10 p.m., Saturday, November 21 to align with the State of California’s new limited “Stay at Home Order” that sets a curfew from 10 p.m. - 5 a.m., as well as updated guidance on the wearing of face coverings and the reopening of the County's​ waiver application for Elementary​​​​​​​ schools to apply for in-person learning while Sacramento County remains in the Tier 1 Purple.

  • ​Summary of school updates to the Nov. 13 Sacramento County Health Order:

    • Schools:  In alignment with CDPH requirements, schools (all grade levels) that have reopened for in-person instruction, either under a waiver or while Sacramento County was in Red Tier 2 (9/29 – 11/10), are permitted to continue to conduct in-person instruction. Schools that have not reopened must wait until they are eligible again, either by waiver (grades TK-6 only) or when Sacramento County returns to Red Tier 2 for at least two weeks.  ​​

      If a school was implementing a phased re-opening (e.g., only opened grades K-2 for in-person instruction with set plans to phase in grades 3-6) while Sacramento County was in Red Tier 2, the school site may continue their phased re-opening. This is only applicable to individual school sites. If a district has a phased reopening of their schools, the schools in that district that did not open for in person instruction may not reopen until Sacramento County has returned to Red Tier 2 for two weeks. 

      Schools conducting in-person instruction must maintain mitigation measures, including social distancing, face coverings, and sanitization, in compliance with schools guidance from CDPH and Sacramento County Public Health.​

Guidance for K-12 Schools​

Sacramento County​

SCPH COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Schools 11/10​/2020

Sample COVID-19 Screening Tool - Adults ( Arabic | Chinese | Hmong | Pashto | Punjabi | Russian | Span​ish | Tagalog | Vietnamese )

Sample COVID-19 Screening Tool - Children ( Arabic | Chinese | Hmong | Pashto | Punjabi | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietna​mese )​​

Symptom Decision Tree ​10/26/2020 ( Ara​bic |​ Chinese | Hmong | Pashto | Punjabi | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese )​

Sacramento County COVID-​19 Testing Flyer ( Arabic | Chinese | Hmong | Pashto | Punjabi | Russ​ian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese )​

Isolation or Quarantine (multiple ​langua​ges available)

COVID-19 Reporting & Conta​ct Traci​ng Form ​ 12/3​/2020​ 

​​Health Officer Memo - Partnership for Safe Reopening 09/17/2020 

Youth Sports Conditioning (SCPH/EMD) ​​

SCPH Newsletter for School Families - Dec​ 2020 (Arabic | Chinese | Hmong | Pashto | ​Punjabi | Rus​sian | Spanish | Tagalog | Viet​namese)​

​State, Federal and Health Organizations

Guidance for Schools and School-Based Program (CDPH) ​​
Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California's Public Schools (CDE) 
Contact Tracing Training (John Hopkins University)​ ​​

Elementary School Waiver

*Unfortunately, due to the current surge in cases, Sacramento County Public Health is putting a hold on granting new elementary school waivers at this time.  California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has advised us that, due to the high case rate in Sacramento County, they will not approve any elementary school waivers for our county at this time.  They have indicated a goal of opening more schools in California this school year and we are hopeful they will provide additional guidance and resources for safely doing so in the new year.​

Waiver Application for Elementary Schools (12/23/2020 - *Waivers are on hold due to the high case rate in Sacramento County)

List of Sacramento County Schools with Waivers

Child Care and Day Camps​

Sacramento County 

Specific Reopening Guidelines for Child Care Providers (SCPH) 
Industry Guidance for Day Camps​

State, Federal and Health Organizations

Reopening Guidelines for Child Care Providers (CDPH) 
COVID-19 Guidance for Childcare Programs and K-12 (CDC) 
Executive Order to Provide Expanded Access to Child Care for Essential Workers During COVID-19 Response (CA) 

​Colleges and Universities

Sacramento County

Institutes of Higher Education COVID-19 Reporting & Contact Tracing Form​

State and Federal

Guidance for Colleges and Universities (CDPH)

COVID-19 Guidance for Colleges and Universities (CDC)

​​Community Resources

Sacramento Office of Emergency Services (OES) Community Resources 

Sacramento OES launched a Community Resources page that includes a broad scope of COVID-19 information, from maps with school lunch distribution to signing up for emergency alerts. ​​​​

We all need to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19

The Sacramento County Public Health Officer, Dr. Olivia Kasirye,​ issued a new Public Health Order and will be in effect until it is rescinded or amended by the Health Officer. The Public Health Order continues to reinforce the direction that all individuals stay home as much as possible and carry on with social distancing protocols while beginning to relax restrictions on lower-risk businesses and is consistent with the State’s “Stage 2” Roadmap to Modify the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order​. The Sacramento County Health Order includes and recommends the CDPH guidance on the use of cloth face coverings​ to protect others from being infected by those without symptoms. ​Do you have questions about the Public Health Order? Call the County's COVID-19 Hotline: 916-875-2400. Do you want to report a violation of the Public Health Officer Order? Call 3-1-1, or email,​.​