COVID-19 Hotline: 916-875-2400

​SacCounty Industry Specific Guidance​​​​

Employers: SCPH Business Reporting F​orm for COVID-19 Positive Employees/Volunteers

Workplace Guidance for Businesses

Go to Environmental Management Department for industry specific guidance related to COVID-19 and includes:

Environmental Health

Retail Food Facilities: Restaurants, Bars, Wineries, Food Delivery/Pick-Up, Charitable Food Operations, School Meals, Mobile Food Facilities

  • ​Food Facilities with a COVID-19 Positive or Symptomatic Employee - Response Guidelines ​

Recreational Water: Swimming Pools and Spas

Body Art: Tattoos and Piercing Facilities

Business and Residential Cleaning and Disinfection: EPA Approved Disinfectants, Recommended Cleaning Information, Water Fountain and Water Line Flush before Reopening​​​

Additional COVID-19 Industry Guidance​

Sacramento County Application for (community & neighborhood-scale) Events and Gatherings (10/15/2020)