​Public Health Order - Food FAQs

Restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and similar establishments may remain open to supply meals so long as social distancing protocols are met. 

You can also purchase prepared foods at grocery stores, supermarkets, certified farmers’ markets, convenience stores, and other such food retailers.

Schools, soup kitchens, food banks, and other entities that provide free or reduced priced food goods or meals to students or other members of the public are encouraged to continue providing these services. 

However, food provided by these establishments to the public may be eaten on the premises so long as social distancing protocols are met.

The Women, Infants & Children program​ quickly assists pregnant women and new moms of children 0-5 years old in purchasing nourishing food. Find out about eligibility and access benefits by calling, 916-876-5000 and WIC staff will answer your questions. 

Or, use your internet browser to search “Sacramento County WIC" to apply online at any time.