​Public​ Health Order - Travel FAQs​

The Order allows travel out of the County only to perform “essential activities,” operate “essential business,” or maintain “essential governmental functions.” 

You may travel to: 

  • Care for elderly, minors or persons with disabilities
  • Pick up educational materials for distance learning or meals at educational institutions
  • Manage after-death arrangements and burial; arrange for shelter; avoid abuse; seek shelter due to COVID-19 exposure; and return to residence outside of the County.
  • You may also travel if it is required by law enforcement, court order or parental custody arrangements.

The Order requires that you remain in your place of residence. If you leave Sacramento County for vacation or another reason that is not an essential purpose exempt under the Order, then you may not be permitted to return to your residence. Traveling runs the risk of spreading the virus to other areas and exposing new populations.​​

Public transit is allowed to operate. People riding public transit must comply with Social Distancing and Face Covering Requirements​