​​Public ​Services Status During COVID-19


​Services as Usual​
​Limited/ Modified Services​
Services Not Provided


Cindy Nichol 

​Airports Main Number
(916) 929-5​411​

All four County Airports are open

  • Sac International
  • Mather Airport
  • Executive Airport
  • Franklin Field

  • At Sacramento International:
    • Daily Parking Lot—fees reduced (equal to Economy Lot level).
    • ​​​Hourly Lot B – reopened​
    • Automated People Mover (APM) reduced to one car.
    • Rental car bus frequencies reduced.
    • Terminal concessions reduced to one of each category (Convenience, Food & Beverage and Coffee) in each terminal, and reduced hours. Vino Volo open in Terminal B. 
  • At Executive Airport:
    • SACJet FBO service hours reduced to 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.​

Sacramento International:

  • Bus service to Daily Parking Lots – Closed
  • Hourly Lot B – Closed
  • East Economy Lot – Closed 
  • West Economy Lot - Closed
  • 85% of terminal concessions - Closed​

​Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures

Chrisandra Flores​

​Agricultural Commissioner Main Number  (916) 875-6603​

Main Public Counter
  • Operating under modified hours.
    • Open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
    • Closed 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 

Animal Care & Regulation 

Dave Dickinson

​Animal Care & Regulation Main Number
(916) 368-7387 (PETS)  ​

  • ​Sick and injured animal pick-up  services.
  • Dangerous .pick-up services.
  • Cruelty and neglect investigations​
  • Adoptions and foster for large breed dogs arranged through sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com
  • Adoptions and foster for small breed dogs and cats arranged through pinav@saccounty.net
  • Field operations limited to priority calls only (Example: bite investigations, loose aggressive dogs, injured animals, neglect and cruelty investigations).


Christina Wynn

​Assessor Main Number
(916) 875-0700

Staff will monitor mail, emails and voice messages and respond as soon as reasonably possible.

Email: ​assessor@saccounty.net  

Website: www.assessor.saccounty.net

​Mailing Address: 

Sacramento County Assessor's Office
3701 Power Inn Rd, Suite 3000
Sacramento, Ca 95826

​​​Online Self-Help Resources 
  • ​​www.assessor.saccounty.net  - Our website provides valuable information and resources, including downloadable Assessor Forms.
  • If you need help finding what you are looking for, please call us at (916) 875-0700.
  • For Businesses Submitting Business Personal  Property Filings – SDR/eSDR services will continue for businesses. You can also mail us your filing, however, we will have limited access to our work site and you may experience delays in processing. 
  • For Entities Submitting Exemptions or Exclusion Applications - you may mail us your applications; however, there may be delays in processing. Exemptions Forms List.
  • Online property tax bill information - visit the Tax Collector's site at www.eproptax.saccounty.net.
  • Parcel Information – will continue at Assessor Parcel Viewer. Email us at assessor@saccounty.net​ with questions.
  • Pending Assessment Appeals - this function is managed the Assessment Appeals Board. Please visit their website at Assessment Appeals Board for more information​.
  • ​Staff will have limited access to our physical sites, which may cause delays in mail processing.
  • ​Whenever possible, please email.

​Child, Family and Adult Services

Michelle Callejas

Child Protective Services (report abuse):
(916) 875-5437 (875-KIDS)

Other CPS-Related calls: (916) 875-0189


Adult Protective Services (report abuse): (916) 874-9477

Other SAS-related calls: (916) 874-9471.


DCFAS Main Line
(Administrative questions): (916) 874-4044

  • Until further notice, all services within the Department of Child, Family and Adult Services will continue.​​
  • Face​ to face contact with direct service providers will be limited​​.

​Child Support Services

Terrie Porter

​Call Center (Urgent or Emergency Issues)
(866) 901-3212

  • ​Responding to title demands.
  • Responding to bank levy liens.
  • Responding to license suspensions.
  • Case opening and enforcement for non-aided custodial parents with an order already established and available.
  • Access your case information online, 24/7 through Customer Connect at https://www.cse.ca.gov/customerconnect/login.
  • Continue making payments at the TouchPay Kiosk located at 3701 Power Inn Road during business hours​. Staff is not available to assist with transactions.
  • Drop off documents during business hours inside a temporary drop box at our 3701 Power Inn Road location. Staff is not available to review documents prior to submission.
  • If you cannot access Customer Connect, please contact our call center during business hours at 1-866-901-3212.

Board of Supervisors

Phil Serna, D 1
Patrick Kennedy, D 2
Susan Peters, D 3
Sue Frost, D 4
​Don Nottoli, D 5

​Clerk of the Board

Florence Evans

Board of Supervisors Main Office​
 (916) 874-5411​

​Matters related to Public Works and Municipal Services

3-1-1  or  (916) 875-4311

Matters related to Health and Human Services

2-1-1  or  (916) 498-1000


​Clerk of the Board Main Office
(916) 874-5451​

  • ​​District Staff will monitor mail, emails and voice messages and respond as soon as reasonably possible.​

​​Board of Supe​​​​rvisors

​​Mail Board of Supervisors written correspondence to 700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA, 95814, to the attention of your respective Board of Supervisor.
Submit hand-delivered documents to the lobby security desk at the County Administration Building on 700 H Street. 

  • Phil Serna, District 1 - Contact Chairman Phil Serna or a representative by submitting an email to SupervisorSerna@saccounty.net or call 916-874-5485. 
  • Patrick Kennedy, District 2 - Contact Supervisor Patrick Kennedy or a representative by submitting an email to SupervisorKennedy@saccounty.net or call 916-874-5481.
  • Susan Peters, District 3 - Contact Supervisor Susan Peters or a representative  by submitting an email to SusanPeters@saccounty.net or call 916-874-5471.
  • Sue Frost, District 4 – Contact Supervisor Sue Frost or a representative by submitting an email to SupervisorFrost@saccounty.net​ or call 916-874-5491.
  • ​Don Nottoli, District 5 – Contact Supervisor Don Nottoli or a representative by submitting an email to ​ nottolid@saccounty.net or call 916-874-5465. 

​Clerk of the Board

    • Appeals – General (Planning, Zoning Code, Building Code, Business License, etc.):
      • ​Send Appeal Form by US Mail to 700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814. Include application fee (DO NOT SEND CASH) with Appeal Form. 
    • Assessment Appeals:
      • Send​​ Appeal Form by US Mail to 700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814. Include appeal fee of $30 per parcel (DO NOT SEND CASH) with Appeal Form.
      • Assessment Appeal information available at www.sccob.saccounty.net.
    • Boards & Commissions:
    • Public Counter:
      • Submit hand-delivered documents related to claims, subpoenas/summons, public meetings, subdivision tax bonds, and general office matters to the Lobby Security Desk at 700 H Street. Clerk staff will monitor incoming documents, emails and voice messages during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will respond as soon as reasonably possible.  
    • Public Meetings:
    • ​Public Meeting Kiosks:
      • Public Meeting Notices Must Be Posted On the Respective Governing Body's Webpage. Send PDF copy of meeting notices to boardclerk@saccounty.net.
    • Public Records Act Requests:
    • Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700)/ Ethics Training/ Conflict of Interests Code:
    • ​​​Public counter closed.


    Kimberly Gin

    Coroner's Main Phone Number 
    (916) 874-9320

    Staff members will respond to messages left here.


    • Deputy Coroners will continue to respond to scenes and take reported death calls.
    • Pathologists will continue to .conduct examinations
    • Decedents will be released to funeral homes with no change in release hours. 
    • Death certificates will continue to be signed.
    • Death certificate amendments will continue to be signed.
    • Law enforcement agencies can continue to pick up evidence​.
    • ​Next-of-kin who need to apply for indigent cremation services will be provided paperwork via email and can return the paperwork via fax at (916) 874-9257, or email at DeputyCoroner@saccounty.net
    • Families who need to pick up cremated remains through the Indigent Cremation Program will need to leave a message.  Staff members will return calls and make appointments for pick up. 
    • Requested reports will be sent out electronically.
    • Next-of-kin can make written requests for mortuary personnel to pick up property when picking up the decedent from the morgue.

    • ​Next-of-kin/public cannot pickup property, reports or cremains at the Public Counter​.

    County Clerk/Recorder

    Donna Allred

                 Main ​Office

    P.O. Box 839, Sacramento, CA 95812-0839

    Fax: (916) 874-0947

    For questions, call (916) 874-6334​

    For further information concerning fees or updates, please visit our website at www.ccr.saccounty.net

    • ​All locations are open for full services​
    • ​It is strongly recommended that you make an appointment for all marriage services. Due to occupancy limitations, we cannot guarantee walk-in service.
    • Due t o occupancy limitations, only the couple and 4 guests total will be permitted into the building for marriage ceremonies. 

    Development & Code Services

    Steve Hartwig​

    ​Building Permits & Inspection (BPI)
    (916) 875-5296

    Code Enforcement (916) 874-6444

    Construction Management & Inspection ​Division (CMID) (916) 875-2700

    County Engineering (916) 874-6525

    • ​CMID Inspection Services continuing as normal.
    • Plan Review (Building, Improvement, etc.) continuing as normal.
    • Surveyor work continuing as normal.
    • Production Home Permits continue as normal.

    ​​​Building Assistance Centers

    • Downtown Public Counter – Closed.
    • Goethe Road Public Counter - Closed.

    ​​Economic Develop​ment

    Troy Givans

    Economic Development Office Main Phone Number (916) 874-5220​​

    Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC) Main Phone Number (916) 874-2100​​

    • ​All Business Assistance services remain available, with contact limited to telephone, email or online options.​

    ​All contact will be by phone or email

    Environmental Management

    Marie Woodin

    ​​Environmental Health Main Number 
    (916) 875-8440

    Environmental Compliance Main Number
    (916) 875-8484​

    • ​Response to foodborne illness complaints. 
    • Surveys of permitted food facilities.
    • Response to complaints regarding permitted businesses.
    • Plan intake, review​, and inspection.
    • HazMat Emergency Incident Response.
    • Small Water & Septic System and Water Well inspections.
    • Underground Storage Tank Plan Check.
    • ​Appointments – May be made for essential services. Call the EMD General Information number at 916-875-8484 and leave a message. 
    • Complaints – Notify Sacramento County 311 for all complaints (food safety, sewage, drinking water, hazardous materials, etc.). 
    • Permits and Service Fees – EMD has the ability to accept online payments. If you received a bill from EMD, have a balance due or are in need of an essential service, you may pay online directly at https://emdpayments.saccounty.net/. ​

    ​Effective Friday March 20, 2020:

    • ​​Lobb​y​​/office is closed until further notice.​


    Ben Lamera

    Office Main Phone Number
    General Information: (916) 874-6744

    700 H Street, Room 3650
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Email - FinanceDirector@Saccounty.net

    First 5 Sacramento

    Julie Gallego​​

    Main Number

    (916) 876-5865

    Website: first5sacramento.saccounty.net ​

    Mailing Address:

    ​First 5 Sacramento Children & Families Commission

    2750 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 330
    Sacramento, CA 95833​​

    • ​Responding to email and voicemail.
    • Daily contact with contractors for continued service delivery.
    • Crisis Nurseries remain open and providing emergency child care for parents in crisis.
    • Childcare Resource & Referral services operating to help essential workers find childcare during coronavirus epidemic.
    • ​​Convening Commission and Subcommittee board meetings virtually.
    • Most contractors providing services (e.g., home visits, parent education, developmental screen via virtual model using Skype, Facebook, Zoom and conference calls). 
    • All provider trainings conducted virtually. 
    • Census outreach continues via social media platforms (door-to-door suspended). ​

    • ​​None at this time.

    ​General Services

    Jeff Gasaw​​ay

    ​Office Main Phone Number
    General Information: 916-876-6192

    9660 Ecology Lane, Sacramento, CA 95827

    Email: dgsweb@saccounty.net


    • ​This Department primarily provides administrative services to internal County operations.

    • ​​Public Counters are closed.​

    Health Services

    Peter Beilenson

    ​Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services

    Grantland L. Johnson Center for Health & Human Services

    7001-A East Parkway, Suite 400
    Sacramento, California 95823

    Phone: (916) 875-7070
    Fax: (916) 875-6970

    Email: hhs-bhs@saccounty.net

    Behavioral Health Service requests:
    Mental Health Access Line: (916) 875-1055 or toll free (888) 881-4881

    Substance Use Prevention and Treatment: Phone: (916) 874-9754 or Toll Free: (888) 881-4881 

    Emergency Medical Services
    (916) 875-9753 

    Women, Infants & Children (WIC)
    (916) 876-5000 

    Primary Care Center (PCC) Pharmacy
    (916) 874-4342 

    Primary Care Center (916) 874-9670

    • ​​Adult Correctional Health (Main Jail and Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center)
    • Juvenile Correctional Health (Youth Detention Facility) 

    All Behavioral Health services remain available to the public with contact limited to telephone or video telehealth for outpatient services. 

    Mental Health Treatment Center operating as usual with slightly reduced capacity to accommodate COVID-19 instructions for consumers with symptoms.

    Mental Health Urgent Care and Crisis ​Stabilization Units remain operational.

    Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment programs remain operational.

    Emergency Medical Services (916) 875-9753

    • Public Access by appointment only Tue – Thu 9 – 2 pm.  Call EMS main number for appointment.  
    • Monthly paramedic class limited to 10.  Only for new paramedics, not accredited paramedics.
    Women, Infants & Children (WIC) 

    (916) 876-5000

    • Almost all staff telecommuting with phone appointments and remote issuance of WIC Benefits.  Skeleton crew at (4) WIC sites to answer phones only. 
    • Very limited access of participants to (4) WIC Sites for pre-approved breast pumps​ (through door; quick interaction).

    ​Primary Care Center (PCC) Pharmacy (916) 874-4342

    • ​Open to assist clinic and clients from other county programs

    Outpatient Behavioral Health services will be limited to telephone or video telehealth.

    • Vital Records – will allow funeral home drop offs and pick up orders between 8:00am - 10:00am, Monday thru Friday.  This is in response to helping contain the spread of COVID-19, as the safety of our customers, teams and the community is our first priority.  Vital Records will continue to process mail orders.  Medical information reviews, registrations, and issuance of burial permits will continue as usual from Monday thru Friday between 9:00am - 3:00pm.  Please email all “unlock” requests to sacedrs@saccounty.net.  
    • California Children Services – phone only, public counter closed.
    • Chest Clinic – limited availability, by appointment only.
    • Sexual Health Clinic – limited availability, by appointment only.

    Primary Care Center

    • Primary care is continuing to see patients with urgent needs and patients whose clinical condition warrants a face to face visit or some form of video visit.
    • High risk and asymptomatic patients without urgent symptoms will receive phone appointments.
    • Patients who are not high risk and non-urgent will receive a phone appointment and/or be rescheduled for a later date.
    • Patients with respiratory symptoms and over the age of 65 are receiving services via a phone visit.
    • Exception is the Refugee Health Clinic.  Primary Health has requested from the State Office of Refugee Health authorization to completed Refugee visits via phone and/or be rescheduled for a later date thus far the office of refugee has not granted permission to do so. We are continuing the discussion and hope for a resolution soon.

    ​Primary Care Center

    Any collaborative services provided by community partners i.e.​

    • Sacramento Covered
    • Face to Face Interpretation.
    • Legal Services of Northern California.
    • Alcohol and Drug screenings, etc.

    Human Assistance

    Ann Edwards

    ​CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, General Assistance (Eligibility Staff):​(916) 874-3100

    (209) 744-0499​​ (Galt) 

    Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Customer Service: 

    (877) 328-9677 (Card will be mailed).

    • ​All Public Assistance Services remain available to the public, with contact limited to telephone or online options.
    • ​All appointments are being conducted over the telephone.  All existing face-to-face appointments are being rescheduled to telephone appointments.
    • Customers can apply for CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, or General Assistance benefits online (www.mybenefitscalwin.org) or via telephone. 
    • Customers needing to submit documents can use one of three mechanisms: 
    • Secure drop boxes at most locations (Receipts will be mailed)    
    • Online
    • Mail:
      P.O. Box 487, Sacramento, CA  95812
    • ​Lobbies are closed until further notice, effective March 18, 2020. ​
    • Posted signage redirects customers to apply and/or contact DHA online or by telephone.​


    ​Rivkah Sass​

    Sacramento Public Library
    (916) 264-2380

    • ​Online Services Available
    • ​All Libraries Closed

    Personnel Services

    David Devine

    Personnel Services Main Phone Number  (916) 875-5437​

    • ​​Lobby Public Counter – Closed

    Planning/Environmental Review

    Leighann Moffitt

    ​​Planning/Env. Review Office Main Phone Number (916) 874-6141

    All contact is by phone or email:  

    • ​​Physical Offices Closed


    Lee Seale

    ​​​Juvenile Field (4000 Branch Center Road):
    916) 875-4600

    Juvenile Court (​410​0 Branch Center Road):(916) 875-5187

    Placement (4100 Branch Center Road):
    (916) 875-0523

    Adult Day Reporting Center
    (916) 875-4042 – North (1215 Del Paso Boulevard)
    (916) 876-4041 – South (7300 Lincolnshire Drive)

    Central Office (8745 Folsom Boulevard)
    (916) 875-2372​

    ​​Public safety is a priority and the Department​ will continue to maintain frequent contact with clients by phone.​ 

    Field Services:
    • Sex Offender/SAFE Team Task Force, HiTech Task Force, SACCATs remain in operation.
    ​Adult Pretrial:
    • Operations will remain open at 711 E Street. 

    ​Effective March 20, 2020:​

    ​​Field Services

    • Offices are closed to the public, with an officer of the day available for public assistance by telephone or email.  
    • Officers will also be on-site for critical supervision needs.
    • Armed response units will be on-site at various locations for emergency response.  
    Youth Detention Facility
    • No Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) teachers will be on-site, but teachers will be off-site, with school modified to Independent Studies, Monday – Friday.
    • Visitation hours have been modified, and professional, personal, and family visits will be no contact. Youth will be afforded additional phone time, and phone cards will be available. 

    ​Effective March 20, 2020:

    Youth Detention Facility

    • All tours, special gatherings, volunteers and contract employees are suspended.
    • Large group religious services in the facility are suspended.  Chaplains will perform small group or one-on-one prayer meetings.​

    Building Closures:

    • Juvenile Field:  4000 Branch Center Road
    • Juvenile Court/Placement:  4100 Branch Center Road
    • Adult Day Reporting Center (North): 1215 Del Paso Boulevard

    Adult Day Reporting Center South): 
    7300 Lincolnshire Drive 

    • ​Central Office:  8745 Folsom Boulevard

    ​​All conferences, training, and non-essential travel for the next 30 days has been  cancelled or postponed.

    ​Public Defender

    Steven Garrett​

    Public defender Main Number
    (916) 874-6411​

    • ​All operations are currently running. 

    • ​​With the courts closed, there will be no coverage of jury trials, preliminary hearings, settlement conferences and other court appearances. 

    ​Regional Parks

    Liz Bellas

    Regional Parks Main Number
    (916) 875-6961​
    • ​All Regional Parks and County Golf Courses are open and operating as normal.​
    • ​​Sherman Island Park open for day use.​​
    • Picnic and BBQ areas – Closed 
    • Cosumnes River Preserve Visitor Center – Closed
    • Effie Yeaw Nature Center – Closed
    • Jean Harvie Community Center – Closed
    • Sherman Island Campground – Closed
    • Wilton Community Center – Closed​

    Retirement System

    Eric Stern

    ​Office Main Phone Number 
    (916) 874-9119



    980 9th Street, Suite 1900
    Sacramento, CA 95814-2739

    • ​Not anticipating any delays or interruptions with monthly pension payments.

    • ​Pending and New Retirement Applications - SCERS will continue to accept and process retirement applications.  Due to staffing adjustments, new retirees may experience some delays receiving your first retirement payment.
    • If you are planning to retire, please mail your completed retirement application to the address below. Please remember to sign and date your application.
    • SCERS
      980 9th Street, Suite 1900
      Sacramento, CA 95814-2739​

    • ​Public Counter is Closed.​

    Revenue Recovery

    Ben Lamera

    Office Main Phone Number General Information - 916-875-7500

    Fax:  916-854-9014

    Email  DRRMail@saccounty.net



    Rami Zakaria

    Office Main Phone Number General Information: 916-874-7752


    • ​This Department primarily provides administrative services to internal County operations.


    Ron Vicari

    ​Transportation Phone Numbers   Administration/Engineering  
    (916) 874-6291 

    Operations & Maintenance/Service Calls

       (916) 875-4311

    • ​All transportation services as usual, except as noted in limited or modified services. ​

    • ​All Maintenance Engineering Support sections(Traffic Engineering/Traffic Operations/Right-of-way Management, etc.) and Design Services sections
    • Services continue, but most staff working remotely
    • Public Contact by phone or email
    • All communication with SacDOT staff will be by e-mail and phone.  Meetings between SacDOT staff and other County staff and stakeholders may take place if they are conducted by teleconference
    • All communication with SacDOT staff will be by e-mail and phone.  Meetings between SacDOT staff and other County staff and stakeholders may take place if they are conducted by teleconference
    • Planning application review and improvement plan review services will be available on a limited basis and turn-around times will be subject to delay due to unavailability of on-site staff and limitations in resources and equipment available to off-site staff.  Essential staff will evaluate and prioritize ongoing and incoming application and plan review requests based on urgency and critical need.​
    • SCT Modified Schedule​​

    • ​Transportation Offices.
    • Bradshaw & Traffic Way Public Counters – Closed.​

    Voter Registration and Elections

    Courtney​​ Bailey​

    Main Phone Number and Email address) Phone (916) 875-6451 or email voterinfo@saccounty.net


    • Election Observation - In-person, appointment only.
    • VBM Subscriptions (through certification) – Online.
    • Voter File Requests – Online.
    • Map Requests  - Online.
    • Voter Count/Annexation Requests – Online, Phone for assistance.
    • Candidate FPPC/Filing Questions – Phone for assistance, Email.
    • Register to Vote – Online, Phone for assistance.
    • District Look-up – Online, Phone for assistance.
    • Ballot Status Look-up – Online, Phone for assistance.
    • Vote Center Experience Survey – Online, Email.
    • Proof of Registration/Abstracts – Email voterinfo@saccounty.net.
    • Voter File Cancellations/Updates – Email, signature required, picture acceptable.
    • Election Estimates – Phone for assistance, Email.​

    Waste Management & Recycling

    Doug Sloan

    ​Main Number General Inquires 
    (916) 875-6789

    • ​All Waste Management & Recycling services continue as normal. ​

    • ​None at this time.​

    Water Resources

    Michael Peterson

    Water Resources Phone Numbers    Administration/Engineering 
    (916) 874-6851

    Operations & Maintenance/Service ​Calls  (916) 875-4311

    • ​Drainage Operations & Maintenance.
    • Responding to storm and flood issues as normal.
    • Lambert Road Bridge checked weekly as normal.
    • Water Supply.
    • Vineyard Water Treatment Plant operating as normal.
    • Water Distribution System operating as normal.
    • ​Drainage Engineering – Stormwater Quality, Development Engineering, Floodplain Management, & Design.
      • All public services provided by phone or email.
    • Water Supply Operations & Maintenance.
      • Some preventative maintenance and minor repair work postponed.
    • Water Supply Planning & Engineering.
      • Services continue​, but most​ staff working remotely
    • Public Contact by phone or email.