Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Sacramento County Employees' Giving Campaign. Please check back frequently as more FAQ's will be posted to the site as they become available. Thank you!

FAQ Categories

General Questions:

  1. Question: What are the dates of the Campaign?
    Answer: October 1- October 31, 2019​

  2. Question: Which federation is the lead federation this year?
    Answer: Community Health Charities

  3. Question: Who is my Department Chair?
    Answer: Check the Campaign Department Chair List

  4. Question: What is the overhead percentage (Administrative Costs) for each federation?
    Answer: Each charity overhead is as follows:

    • America’s Best Local Charity: 1.6%

    • America's Charities: 2.4%

    • Community Health Charities 15%

    • Donor Choice/Write In Fee: 15% 

    • Global Impact: 3%

    • United Way California Capital Region: 15%

  5. Question: Are all organizations listed in the Employee Giving Campaign Brochure confirmed 501(c)(3)s?
    Answer: Yes.

  6. Question: Will you provide flyers to remind employees that this is coming?
    Answer: It is the Department Chair's responsibility for the organization, coordination and management of all Sacramento County Employee Campaign activities within your Department. Posters are available on the Department Chairs page.

  7. Question: Who is the employees' point of contact for questions regarding the campaign?
    Answer: The employees’ point of contact regarding the Employee Giving Campaign is always the Department Chair. The Department Chair's point of contact is the Loaned Executive.

  8. Question:  Will temporary (seasonal) employees be able to donate through payroll deductions?
    Answer:  Temporary employees (seasonal) work intermittent hours and therefore do not have the ability to contribute a set amount per pay period. The deductions in COMPASS are set to deduct every pay period (except for the third pay check of the month). If they would like to contribute, they can make a one-time donation through GM365 using a debit/credit card.

e-Pledge Questions

  1. Question: When will e-Pledge be available to use for Department Chairs to register the 5K Teams?
    Answer: e-Pledge will be available for 5K Team Registrations on September 9​.

  2. Question: Where do we get ideas to encourage people to pledge prior to the deadline?
    Answer: See the Department Chairs page to obtain posters. 

  3. Question: Where are the instructions on how to use the e-Pledge system?
    AnswerView e-Pledge Application Instructions. You will need to log into VPN to access the e-Pledge system on the County Intranet Employee Giving Campaign website.   

  4. Question: Who will be available to answer questions that employees may have?
    Answer: Employees should contact their Department Chair with questions regarding e-Pledge or the Employee Giving Campaign.

Giving Matters 365

  1. Question: How do I access GM365?

    Answer: Visit the GM365 web site.

  2. Question: How do I get help navigating the GM365 site?

    Answer: View the GM365 video tutorial.

  3. Question: What do I do if I did not receive the welcome email that contained my GM365 User Name and Temporary Password?
    Answer: Contact your Department Chair.

5k Race Questions:

  1. Question: Are employees required to use their CTO or vacation time to volunteer and/or participate in the race?
    Answer: The race is on County time per the County Executive.

  2. Question: How is the time off to participate recorded on the timesheet? (What is it charge to?)
    Answer: Time is to be indicated as normal work time.

  3. Question: Are departments reimbursed for time off?
    Answer: No.

  4. Question: Does the time off apply to employees watching the race, as well as the participants?
    Answer: The race is a County event, on County time. You must still have your supervisor’s approval.

  5. Question: Is there a maximum number of teams a department can have participate?
    Answer: No, but there are only 100 teams allowed in the race and sign-ups are first-come-first-served.

  6. Question: How do the teams get the race “sponsor” sheets?
    Answer: The Sponsor Sheets are available on the Department Chairs page.

  7. Question: Is there a team registration fee?
    Answer: Each race participant is required to make a donation through Giving Matters 365.  The participant may give as much as their heart desires; with a minimum of $10.00.

  8. Question: Will the teams choose a charity to race for?
    Answer: Each Team has the discretion to either choose a charity collectively or individually by participant.

  9. Question: When is registration due?
    Answer: Team Captains should turn in their team participants’ waivers, email confirmations of donation, and Team Registration form to the Department Chair as soon as possible. Registration will open September 9 and remain​ open until ​full.

  10. Question: What do department chairs do with the race waivers once they receive the signed waivers and have registered the race team(s)?
    Answer: Email a scanned copy and interoffice mail original copies of all team registration forms, signed race waivers, and email confirmations of donation to Melissa McGoldrick (Waste Management and Recycling, mail code: 61-001) for documentation by October 18, 2019. Send a copy of the signed race waivers to your Department’s HR office to be filed in the participant’s personnel file. Save a copy of the packet for your records.​​

  11. Question: Who does the team give their sponsor sheet and donations to?
    Answer: Their department chair by October 31.

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