Responding to Homelessness in the County of

Homelessness in Sacramento County has been increasing in recent years, with visible signs of its impact on individuals and families and in our neighborhoods. 
2019 Homeless Point in Time Count Information

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2019 Point in Time count reveled that on any given night, 5,570 persons are experiencing homelessness in Sacramento County. 70 percent are unsheltered.

  • 12 percent are children
  • 8 percent are transition age youth (18-24)
  • 80 percent are adults

The number of personas experiencing homelessness increased by 19 percent since 2017.

The percentage of people experiencing chronic homelessness has decreased, especially among the unsheltered population (-7%).

Sacramento County estimate 36 per 10,000 residents are experiencing homelessness

  • San Francisco is 91 per 10,000
  • Los Angeles is 58 for 10,000
  • San Diego is 24 per 10,000​

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Please call Sacramento 2-1-1 to speak with a live representative that can connect you to services. 

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