Sacramento Rendering Company

Sacramento Rendering Company is a privately held company located in the Sunrise Boulevard and Kiefer Boulevard area of Sacramento County. Some residents in the area have expressed concerns about odors at times, and also have asked for more information about the facility itself.

If you would like to ask questions, please contact:
Sacramento Rendering Company
11350 Kiefer Boulevard
Mather, CA. 95830

Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento Rendering Company: 

  1. What is a rendering facility?
    A rendering facility like Sacramento Rendering Company (SRC) accepts and processes (renders) animal waste materials from supermarkets, butcher shops, restaurants, feedlots, ranches and dairies. SRC takes these materials that would otherwise be discarded and recycles them into materials that go into the manufacturing of soap, paints, cosmetics, lubricants, candles, animal feed and biofuel.

  2. What businesses are served by rendering operations?
    As stated above, SRC serves businesses in the Northern California, including animal processors, supermarkets, butcher shops, restaurants, feedlots, ranches and dairies.

  3. What role do rendering operations play in maintaining public health?
    SRC and the rendering industry overall are a vital component of California agriculture and public health. The rendering process is a sustainable approach to process and recycle animal waste products. Without the rendering industry to process the 2 billion plus pounds of animal waste each year, landfills would be over filled, dead animals would be abandoned and sewer systems would face operational problems as excess grease and debris would clog lines and impact waterways.

  4. What is the history and background on Sacramento Rendering Company (SRC)?
    SRC is a family business that was founded in 1913. From 1913 to 1955, the business was known as Sacramento Reduction and Tallow Works, and operated a plant in the South Land Park area of Sacramento. In the 1950s, operations were moved to the current location on Kiefer Boulevard where it is known as Sacramento Rendering Company and owned Sacramento Rendering Company, a California corporation.

  5. Who owns SRC?
    Sacramento Rendering Company is privately held by Sacramento Rendering Company, a California corporation.

  6. Where is SRC located?
    The SRC plant is located in Sacramento County at 11350 Kiefer Boulevard at the southwest quadrant of Sunrise Boulevard and Kiefer Boulevard.

  7. When did SRC move to the present location?

  8. How many employees does SRC have?
    SRC employs approximately 120 people.

  9. What are SRC's normal operating hours?
    The SRC plant is permitted for operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. The plant normally operates this schedule with occasionally breaks for routine maintenance.

  10. How are deliveries made to SRC?
    Materials arrive at SRC at all hours of operation via numerous trucks that SRC operates as well as independent haulers, contract haulers, ranchers and dairymen who frequently deliver material to the facility.

  11. Has the SRC facility been updated to better address potential odor issues with its operation?
    Yes, in June 2004, with financial participation from the developers of the Sunrise-Douglas area, SRC completed upgrades to buildings and the addition of air scrubbers to better remove odors as they occur in the rendering process. The cost of these improvements was approximately $5.5 million. SRC currently spends in excess of $40,000 monthly to operate and maintain its state-of-the-art odor control system.

  12. Who regulates SRC's operation?
    The Sacramento Rendering plant is regulated by many county, state and federal agencies, primarily the Sacramento Valley Air Pollution Control District, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, County of Sacramento, California Occupational Health Agency (OSHA), Federal Food and Drug Agency, California Department of Food and Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Transportations, California Department of Weights and Measures.

  13. How can I contact SRC with complaints, concerns or information?
    SRC is interested in hearing from surrounding residents, businesses and the general public with comments, concerns and input about SRC and its operations. There are many ways to contact SRC: 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-339-6493 (staffed during business hours and voice mail after hours) Email Address Mailing Address Sacramento Rendering Company 11350 Kiefer Boulevard Mather, CA 95830 SRC staff will respond to phone calls, emails and mail received.

  14. How do you respond to residents who have concerns about odors?
    Anyone is welcome to contact SRC at any time regarding concerns about odors or other aspect of SRC’s operations. SRC accepts and documents all reports of odors, including a description of the odor, the general location where the odor is detected, time, weather conditions and the status of SRC’s plant operations at the time of the odor. This information is collected so that SRC personnel can correlate data about odor with operational characteristics of the plant so that adjustments can be made, if necessary. In addition to SRC, there are other source points in the area that could be the source of odors (i.e. landfill, other businesses). Since the detection of odor is extremely subjective and varies from individual to individual, the data collected from those who call SRC to report odors is helpful in pinpointing the source.

  15. Does SRC work with governmental agencies to address concerns regarding operations?
    SRC has consistently worked with elected officials and staff from Sacramento County and the City of Rancho Cordova to address concerns regarding operations and to be compatible with the community.

  16. What are the future plans for the SRC lands and surrounding area?
    The SRC plant is located in unincorporated Sacramento.