Sacramento County Interactive Organizational Chart

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Sacramento County Organizational Chart Residents of Sacramento County District 1 Supervisor District 2 Supervisor District 3 Supervisor District 4 Supervisor District 5 Supervisor Assessor District Attorney Sheriff County Counsel County Executive Probation Sanitation Districts Assistant County Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer - Financial Management Chief Deputy County Executive - Countywide Services - Departmental Assignments Chief Deputy County Executive - Internal Services - Departmental Assignments Chief Deputy County Executive - Municipal Services - Departmental Assignments Office of Financial Management Agricultural Commissioner - Sealer of Weights & Measures Environmental Management Clerk of the Board Airports Child Support Health and Human Services County Clerk Recorder Animal Care and Regulation Conflict Criminal Defenders Human Assistance Finance Community Development Public Defender General Services Regional Parks Coroner Voter Registration Personnel Services Transportation Revenue Recovery Waste Management and Recycling Technology Water Resources

County Organizational Chart (PDF Version)