Awards & Honors​​

Sacramento County continually wins awards, honors and recognition for its innovation, dedication to protection of the people and the environment, outstanding building and design, use of technology and more.


5th for 2018 Digital Counties Survey

Sacramento County endeavors to deliver streamlined government services by implementing initiatives that encourage open data and collaboration, while enhancing cybersecurity and best practices. The Center for Digital Government’s 2018 Digital Counties Survey acknowledged these efforts by awarding Sacramento County with a fifth place ranking among U.S. counties for deploying innovative technology practices. The Digital Counties Survey provides an annual measure of county performance and innovation in using technology. Learn more.

Clean Air Award Winners

The Sacramento International Airport was recognized as one of the 2018 Sustainability Award Winners for the solar power facility encompassing 35 acres of land dedicated to the production of renewable clean energy for the next 25 years. With 38 percent of its power produced by solar technology, the Sacramento International Airport continues to work toward its goals of becoming a clean-air facility and is anticipated to generate nearly 15.5 million kilowatt-hours per year.

Additionally, Keith C. Leech, Sr., Chief of the Sacramento County Fleet Division and Parking was given the 2018 Leadership Award for his efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in Sacramento County by removing fossil petroleum as a source of fuel for the county’s fleet. Currently, 61 percent of the fleet, which includes close to 3,000 service vehicles and public works trucks, run on some means of alternative fuels or advanced technology.

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